Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fixing SEN?

Last week a group of campaigners got together to discuss the Government’s proposals for reforming the special educational needs system. The focus group, held at the NAS’ Manchester office, brought together the expertise of people on the spectrum, parents and professional knowledge, and focused on what needs to happen to make the system.  Key issues that came up included:
  • the importance of schools talking to parents and listening to what they have to say
  • teachers having appropriate training in autism and relevant skills to work with children on the spectrum. Often these skills can look like good practice in working with other children but are particularly important for young people on the spectrum
  • the importance of autism and equality awareness among other pupils as well as staff
Latest News: Since this focus group, the Government have finally published more details of their plans for SEN.  Their long-awaited "Next Steps" paper confirms the Government’s plans to progress the proposals made in last year’s Green Paper.

You can read the report here

You can read our response to the announcement here

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