Friday, 30 August 2013

A social group for adults with Asperger Syndrome in Somerset receives funding boost

The Yeovil Pub Hub has been running successfully covering the South Somerset area for more than eight years but has had no funding for the last 18 months.
The group is run by three volunteers, Deborah Gingell, Tara Gibson and Martin Doyle and after funding was withdrawn they continued to run the group which holds monthly meetings at a pub in Yeovil.
With no money to organise nights out such as bowling or barbecues, the volunteers applied for a competition run by local newspaper The Western Gazette.
Called the “Wish For Cash” campaign, organised by the Yeovil Round Table, entrants had to write about their club/organisation and say why they needed some funding.
The Yeovil Pub Hub was selected as one of the 30 finalists and volunteers and members then spent the next four weeks actively campaigning in the local area to raise awareness of their group.
Voting vouchers printed in the paper had to be collected with local readers voting for which group they felt most deserved the cash.
Deborah said:
“We were up against some very stiff competition with some very deserving causes and groups and we were amazed to find we had been placed in the top 10.
“As a result of collecting hundreds of votes we were told we had been awarded £400 which is a massive amount of money for our group.
“Due to the publicity we received we have also been given a kind donation of a further £100 from Shape Financial based in Stoke-sub-Hamdon which will be spent wisely and provide some fun nights out for our members.”
The Yeovil Pub Hub is a fantastic group which is regularly attended by around 20 members who meet up to enjoy a drink or a meal and enjoy a social night out.
For many it is their only form of social contact and provides a friendly and supportive atmosphere where they can go out to the pub and know they will feel secure among friends.
Some of the members and volunteers were invited to attend a special ceremony where they were presented with a cheque by the chairman of Yeovil Round Table (pictured).
Deborah Gingell, Yeovil

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