Tuesday, 5 February 2013

David's Art Exhibition

I began painting as a pastime in late 2006 so I had something to do in the run to the Christmas of that year after what had been a difficult year.

I began painting on Watercolour paper and even managed to do some paintings for my family as Christmas presents. Within 6 months I had "progressed" to painting on canvas using pallet knives in addition to the trusty paintbrush.  I was mainly doing abstract paintings as I was finding my way as my art skills developed.  In addition to the paintings I was attended free art classes including Jewelry Making & Pottery, skills at which I also became very good at. 

I was making jewelry for friends and members of my own family when it came to Birthdays and Christmas.

In 2007/2008? I held my first art exhibition which was covered by SLC in their newsletter at the time.  The exhibition was held at BBC Radio Lancashire and we appeared on "Gilly in the Afternoon" hosted by BBC Radio Lancashire Presenter John "Gilly" Gilmore and we discussed my paintings & Autism.  In the following years I displayed my paintings whenever the opportunity arose at various events & locations like Worden Arts Centre when I was involved with the now (sadly) defunct Shaw Trust Artworks.

In 2011 I sold a canvas painting of a church to a friend in Manchester.

When Pop Group Oasis released the music video "The Masterplan" I became interested & inspired in the paintings of L.S.Lowry who became famous for his paintings of industrial landscapes and of course "matchstalk men and matchstalk cats & dogs".  I began doing industrial landscapes and paintings of old mills & houses using an old maths drawing set and acrylic paints.  Whenever I was out & about I sometimes took pictures of interesting buildings & landscapes and these became a genesis for some paintings, even though I used a bit of my own artistic licence and continued to do some abstract paintings.  I'm a regular visitor to the Lowry Gallery on Salford Quays, Manchester.

Before Christmas 2012 I saw a chance to display my canvasses at Chorley Library and they agreed.  The exhibition runs from the 3rd - 16th January but could run until the 31st January.

All the paintings are for sale.

David Robinson

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    There could be a happier ending to the Shaw Trust Artworks situation. You see a week or so after I wrote this I was able to resume with Shaw Trust & more achievements have followed in 2013. We hope we can get funding for 2014, if we do then we're all happy. But if we don't then I feel that I was lucky to get more time with them. One last Hurrah!!! - if you like!!!

    David Robinson