Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Awareness raising with a twist!

I want to make a positive change, not just for Jake (my son who has Asperger syndrome), but for others who are affected by autism and Asperger syndrome.

I kick-started my fundraising with a trek in Snowdonia in August - but that's just the beginning. Jake is football-crazy, but the opportunities for him to get involved at a grass-roots level are woefully limited. So as part of next year's fundraising activities, we're going to visit each of the 20 Premiership football clubs in just two days.

I hope the stunt will show people how important it is that people with autism and Asperger syndrome have the opportunity to be included - after all, we are a sport-loving nation!
We're going to be asking for goodies from all the clubs and will auction them off at a special evening of music in the summer.

Being an Autism Action Network ambassador is about strength in numbers. I have heard about other ambassadors doing fantastic things, whether it's raising their concerns to their MP, talking to journalists or going on bonkers adventures like me. It's going to make a real difference and the momentum and passion in the network is just so inspiring.


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  1. Don't forget that Maz will is also planning to release his own song later this year. The track, called 'Kaleidoscope', was inspired by Jake and how he overcomes the challenges his condition can pose. The song will be a tribute to everyone affected by autism and Asperger syndrome.